A private investment and syndication platform for firms and family offices.  Backed by an international investment bank.

Current Offerings

Investments on the equityfor platform are illiquid and loss of invested capital is possible.  

Furious Corp

Accepting Investment

Artificial Intelligence for Media

A Nielsen Innovate Fund venture in AI.  A big data analytics and optimization company that is redefining the media landscape. Furious has been quietly collecting data from over 200 TV networks – including Disney, ABC, ESPN over the last 3 years, having already processed billions of impressions.

  • Reg D 506 C
  • $1,000,000 (USD)
  • Investors: Nielsen Innovate, BRaVe
  • Convertible Note
  • Clients: Disney, ESPN, DirecTV

Furious Corp 

Investors Presentation Held August 2nd

Investors Presentation, Q&A and Discussion with Furious Corp CEO Ashley Swartz.


Accepting Investment

BioRemediation Solutions

A venture-backed startup focused on commercializing bioremediation solutions for municipal wastewater treatment, pork and other agriculture, and energy industries.  Drylet has pioneered the first patented, programmable, dry-to-the-touch microbial delivery platform delivering documented results.

  • Reg D 506 C
  • $6,000,000 (USD)
  • Team Background: Dow, Veolia, Simbol
  • Series B
  • $2.75m Closed | $0.75m Additional Committed


Investors Presentation Held September 20th

Investors Presentation, Q&A and Discussion with Drylet CEO Luka Erceg.


Accepting Investments

Personal Healthcare Record

A SaaS technology company for Medicare Chronic Care Management programs and a consumer digital health platform anchored by a Personal Health Record that won a “best” award from Apple Awards; affiliated within the Nashville healthcare ecosystem with the Center for Medical Interoperability.

  • Reg D 506 C
  • $1,500,000 (USD)
  • Partners: Renova, Center for Medical Interoperability, Kailos
  • Series A
  • Clients: Walgreens, NATE, Blue Button Connector


Investors Presentation Held October 16th 

Investors Presentation, Q&A and Discussion with CEO Randy Farr and President Bruce LeFew.

Select or Preview Offerings

Investments on the equityfor platform are illiquid and loss of invested capital is possible.  

Employee Engagement | UK

In Preview

Enterprise Employee Engagement    

Mobile enterprise employee solution to connect HQ with frontline employees through engagement opportunities – while matching workers with relevant materials and curated content, based on personal behavioral data.

Non-Destructive Testing | US

In Preview 

Non Destructive Testing 

3D imaging and analytics technology as well as 3D vision systems for robotic control. Solving multiple critical applications in oil and gas, infrastructure and industrial sectors.

Legacy Offerings

Investments on the equityfor platform are illiquid and loss of invested capital is possible.  


Deal Closed

Inspection Technology

High Resolution RADAR technology for the long-range inspection and monitoring of critical aging infrastructure. Applications across energy, water and power gen assets and infrastructure.  11 Patents Granted for software and sensors improving the accuracy of corrosion.

  • Reg D 506 C
  • $3,000,000 (USD)
  • Team Background: Dow, Veolia, Simbol Materials
  • Series A
  • Clients: On request

Viking Heat Engines

Deal Closed

Renew Heat & Efficiency    

Viking Heat Engines is an energy efficiency technology company backed by the world’s largest independent engine design company, AVL. Viking Heat Engines can take low temperature waste heat from different sources and turn it into low cost electricity or reusable High temperature heat.

  • Reg D 506 C
  • $3,000,000 (USD)
  • Partners: AVL, Maersk
  • Series A
  • Clients: On Request

Terepac Corporation

Deal Closed

IoT Giving Voice to the World

Guided by a leadership team that includes top talent from the original Blackberry (RIM) security encryption team. Terepac has the potential for achieving significant results in the manufacturing and public infrastructure sectors with their plug-and-play and fully customizable IoT solutions.

  • Reg D 506 C
  • $2,000,000 (USD)
  • Partners: Deliotte, Cisco, GM
  • Series A
  • Clients: Mayfram, Istuary, Toronto

equityfor is the leading alternative investment platform for institutional investors, ria's and family offices - backed by an investment bank

At equityfor, our sector focused equity marketplace provides opportunities to invest in highly vetted companies and projects across technology, consumer, energy and fintech. The platform is backed by the Saxon Weber Group's international investment banking brand which collectively has participated in over $12b in transactions.

A community of investors, companies and affiliate partners

The equityfor platform is re-inventing venture capital investing with family offices, institutional investors, angel investors and wealth advisors acting directly or on behalf of their clients. equityfor is providing access to technology, energy and fintech companies and syndicating venture capital investments in highly vetted and differentiated companies and projects.

Here’s some of what makes our community different:

• Deal flow and access to expertly curated early stage technology companies and projects with highly differentiated offerings in partnership with Venture Capital firms, startups and project teams.

• A platform backed by Saxon Weber Group’s international investment banking brand which collectively has participated in over $12b in transactions; cross-border expertise in raising venture funding, financing, providing startup capital, project finance and general capital raises.

• Unlike other industry agnostic listing services and general deal-flow platforms, all of our companies and projects are vetted deeply for quality and fit prior to publishing by best-in-class due diligence and in-house subject matter experts.

Our platform marketplace is one of the most advanced ever built

A secure, fully compliant, scalable platform designed to provide marketplace capabilities for investors and companies – and the first equity marketplace focused exclusively on the energy, technology and fintech space. A proprietary platform open to institutional and accredited investors alike.

Here’s some of what makes our platform different:

• Our equityfor platform was established to provide individual accredited investor and institutional investor access in syndication opportunities with highly vetted and differentiated companies and projects.

• Ability to become an investment banker, advisor or venture capital / angel Affiliate Partner on the platform with associated offerings and access to proprietary investor networks.

• A preference and social network driven marketplace with the ability to customize the investor experience in terms of deal flow, interest and access.

Our Proprietary 3X Vetting System Makes the Difference

Accredited and institutional investors are able to participate in equity and debt opportunities with vetted early and growth stage technology companies and projects across energy, technology and fintech – hand-picked by industry leaders, independent experts, venture capital veterans and investment professionals. Leading companies that meet the very highest technical and financial standards are brought through a proprietary 3X vetting system.

Here’s some of what makes our vetting different:

• (1x) expert curation and international investment bank acumen from equityfor private securities – scouting and guiding differentiated early stage companies and projects.

• (2x) best in class due diligence provided by online pioneer and industry leader CrowdCheck.

• (3x) leadership and compliance provided by North Capital our backbone broker dealer and platform technology provider.


Family Offices, VC Firms, Angel investors, and Advisors investing funds directly or on behalf of other investors.

  • Syndicate With Individual and Institutional Investors
  • Proprietary Deal Flow and VIP Access
  • Fully Scaled, Secure and Compliant
  • Private Placement Marketplace for VC Deals & Project Finance
  • A Global B2B Technology Focused Platform
  • Part of the Saxon Weber Group Investment Bank
  • VIP Events
  • Alternative Investments for Family Office Mix


Accredited investors that are interested in investing in venture capital deals alongside VC in syndication.

  • Access to highly vetted and differentiated companies and projects
  • Security in Full Due Diligence
  • Backed by an International Investment Banking Brand
  • Secure & Compliant
  • Invest Alongside Other Well Regarded Individual Investors and Top VC Firms
  • Participate in Events and Meet The CEO Events
  • Alternative Investments to Round Out a Portfolio


Companies, Startups and Projects that present compelling opportunities to invest within the energy, technology and fintech space.

  • Global Community of 50,000 Accredited and 24,000 Institutional Investors
  • A Premier Platform Backed by an International Investment Banking Group
  • Join with other founders, entrepreneurs, startup teams, venture capital and portfolio managers to become one of our select companies.
  • Deep domain expertise in Energy, Industrial Technology, Software, Financial Technology, IT and Human Capital Management.
  • Completed Raises Demonstrate Greater Market Traction


Advisors, Investment Bankers, Capital Providers and Consultants in partnership with a technology focused equity platform.

  • Ideal for Wealth Advisors, Investment Bankers, Consultants and Lawyers.
  • A true platform partner in: raising early stage capital, alternative VC investments for clients and the co-marketing of services.
  • Attract complimentary and core investors to your firm
  • A home for early stage deals and syndication with a larger investor pool
  • Find a broad audience for services; 55,000 accredited investors and 24,000 institutional

Investments on the equityfor platform are illiquid and loss of invested capital is possible.
Please click here to review risk factors for private placements.

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Pereg Ventures
The Chemours Company (Chemours) is a global leader in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts and chemical solutions. (PRNewsFoto/The Chemours Company)

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