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Affiliate Program

Our Venture Partner Affiliate Program is ideal for Wealth Advisors, Investment Bankers, Consultants and Lawyers.

Learn more about becoming a true platform partner in: raising early stage capital, alternative VC investments for clients and the co-marketing of services.

Attract complimentary and core investors to your firm:

  • A home for early stage deals and syndication with a larger investor pool
  • Find a broad audience for services; 55,000 accredited investors and 24,000 institutional
  • At equityfor, we streamline alternative VC investing. In fact, we’ve created a community of like-minded people to help you get there.

With us, you can grow into a new type of advisor, providing investor access and opportunities with private companies and projects.

With us, you can offer deals in partnership in order to syndicate throughout our network and harness our technology.

We invite you to apply to join today.

Here’s some of what makes our community different:

• Deal flow and access to expertly curated early stage technology companies and projects scouted for differentiated offerings in technology, intellectual property, market and application solution.

• A platform backed by Saxon Weber Group’s international investment banking brand which collectively has participated in over $12b in transactions.

• Unlike other industry agnostic listing services and general deal-flow platforms, all of our companies and projects are vetted deeply for quality and fit prior to publishing by best-in-class due diligence and in-house subject matter experts.

Our platform marketplace is one of the most advanced ever built

A secure, fully compliant, scalable platform designed to provide marketplace capabilities for investors and companies – and the first equity marketplace focused exclusively on the energy, technology and fintech space. A proprietary platform open to institutional and accredited investors alike.

Here’s some of what makes our platform different:

• Our equityfor platform was established to provide individual accredited investor and institutional investor access in syndication opportunities with highly vetted and differentiated companies and projects.

• Ability to become an investment banker, advisor or venture capital / angel Affiliate Partner on the platform with associated offerings and access to proprietary investor networks.

• A preference and social network driven marketplace with the ability to customize the investor experience in terms of deal flow, interest and access.

Our Proprietary 3X Vetting System Makes the Difference

Accredited and institutional investors are able to participate in equity and debt opportunities with vetted early and growth stage technology companies and projects across energy, technology and fintech – hand-picked by industry leaders, independent experts, venture capital veterans and investment professionals. Leading companies that meet the very highest technical and financial standards are brought through a proprietary 3X vetting system.

Here’s some of what makes our vetting different:

• (1x) expert curation and international investment bank acumen from equityfor private securities – scouting and guiding differentiated early stage companies and projects.

• (2x) best in class due diligence provided by online pioneer and industry leader CrowdCheck.

• (3x) leadership and compliance provided by North Capital our backbone broker dealer and platform technology provider.

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